Friday, October 28, 2011

Hit that Reset

Ever since I got my WP7, i've been tinkering with it. Installing lots of app in the marketplace just to see how far can I push the platform. It held itself pretty well untill recently where I felt the scrolling in apps and app-switching was just not good enough. I must admit I forced NoDo and a lot of other updates in between before Mango which also I did not wait for an official push so I am guessing somewhere somehow things got corrupted. I am not a big fan of factory reset unless I am selling one of my devices but today I decided I should go for it (also because my primary phone is iPhone so it wouln't hurt). I took the necessary backups and then boom. I am amazed how responsive the phone is now. It's almost like I bought a new phone. Super smooth. I also noticed how the unofficial update to Mango did not bring some of the stuff like Local Scout and Vision in Bing search. I am enjoying this a lot now. New born WP7.

Edit: Also I noticed my battery life has significantly increased from 8-9 hours to well about 15-17 hours per day. Not bad considering it has a huge 4.3" screen.

If you want to do a factory reset, it's simple. Just go to Settings> about and there is a reset button. It will warn you twice before flushing it.

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